A Little Teaser About Yoga Cults

a little teaser about yoga cults

This is a little teaser about yoga cults – for an upcoming series of posts that might even be turned into a book.

As it’s been a while since the last time I posted to this blog…

First, I hope you are well and doing Serious Self Study, but not taking it too seriously. Seriously…

If you are really into yoga then you should be engaged in self-study constantly. But if you take that too seriously you’re likely to ruin your health … or worse … you might engage in reactionary self-destruction (I speak from personal experience…).

Second, I’ve been working on a blog-post that seems to be evolving into a short book.

So, rather than remain boring and not post… I’m going to post little bits here and there until the blog/book is complete. If you show interest there might even be a series of shorter posts instead of one long post. Whatever floats your boat.

Here’s a little teaser… the working title of the aforementioned blog-post/book is … get ready for it …

How To Join A Better Cult

It’s meant to be a tongue in cheek look at the crazy world of the yoga guru.

The problem (and I should have seen this coming) is that when you start looking into things like this…

… you realize there is some pretty scary stuff going on out there. And no matter how tongue in cheek you try to be you will offend some people, scare others, make unlikely friends and alienate others.

At that point you take a step back and ask yourself, “is this worth it?”

Well, gosh, I’m not sure it is … To be honest, I think this one post has been making me do nothing with this blog for over a year. You’d think I would just keep on blogging, keep on trying to spread the word about the positive aspects of yoga and maybe even try to attract new clients or set-up workshops. The obstacle was in my own mind. I offended myself, scared myself, became my own best friend and then alienated my self. That’s because I realized that a lot of what I was finding was just a little too close to home…

But like much of the rest of my life I squirmed a little and then said, “to heck with it… I’m going for it.”

Ok, I didn’t use the word heck. I used one of those other words that yoga teachers shouldn’t use… if you are yoga teacher, be better than me and just use the word ‘heck.’

Here’s another little teaser… this is just one tiny little piece of the Ginormous Puzzling Puzzle that is How To Join A Better Cult.

a little teaser about yoga cults

There’s this whacked psychic out there stealing money from little old ladies who don’t have any money to spare. ‘She’ has been operating for almost 20 years and her ‘name’ is Maria Duval. Ok, I should have said ‘alleged psychic allegedly stealing money’ … whew … that might have just saved me a lawsuit! Let’s hope so!

What does that have to do with joining a better cult, you ask?

Well, I’m glad you asked…

Because it hhow to join a better cultas a lot to do with it… but that gets into the Ginormous Puzzling Puzzle. So instead of answering that today I’m just going to attach a little screen capture of one of Maria Duval’s marketing messages.

I sincerely hope that if you are a yoga practitioner that your yoga teacher is not saying things like this to you … and that if you are a yoga teacher … you are not saying things like this to your student.


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