For Best Results Follow The Yoga Recipe

My children are pretty darn good cooks at the tender ages of 4 and 7. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised because they have been helping mommy and daddy in the kitchen from a very early age. They also used to attend children’s cooking classes. They’ve even been assistants in those classes for a spell when my wife acted as a substitute teacher. [quick aside here… bonus for daddy… lot’s of VERY tasty treats arrive home from those cooking classes… yummy!]

The result of all that early guidance, training and experience is that I could confidently ask my 7 year old son to dice an onion or measure out 300g of self-raising flour and he’d have it covered in a flash with little or no supervision. As a matter of fact — if I asked him to follow an entire recipe I’m pretty sure he could do it (he might ask a couple of questions or ask for help when necessary).

I can hear you now… “Drew… what does any of this have to do with yoga?”

That’s a great question…

The Yoga Recipe

for best results follow the yoga recipe











Based on my observations… many people out there “doing yoga” are not really following the recipe. As a matter of fact, most of them have no clue that a yoga recipe even exists.

Imagine if you opened a cookbook and the recipe read something like:

Throw your ingredients in the pan and turn the oven on and cook it until it’s done.

You’d likely either ask a few pointed questions or simply throw the cookbook in the trash. And rightly so. Yet millions of people attend yoga classes each week and do exactly what my one sentence recipe for disaster says to do.

Perhaps even more scary than the misguided beginner cook in the yoga kitchen is the fact that many of the “yogis” out there claiming to be cooking up an advanced recipe have not a clue about the basics:

Baked Flambé of Yogi: serves nobody

Ingredients: yoga student, yoga belt, yoga block, yoga strap, four blankets, eye bag, bolster, Lululemon Yoga Pants, herbal tea, smelly feet, dirty fingernails, bad breath, lack of awareness.  
  1. arrange yoga mat any way you like
  2. Pre-heat the yoga student to 28-40°c/84-104°F
  3. Add a yoga belt until muscles and tendons overstretched
  4. Kick the block out of the way
  5. Practice folding blankets
  6. Use eye bag as a make-shift shaker (samba, baby, samba!)
  7. Place yoga student on mat and over the bolster
  8. Disregard smelly feet and dirty fingernails (One Love, Yo?)
  9. Bake for 90 minutes or until fork inserted into yoga student’s eye produces no reaction
  10. Drink some herbal tea
  11. Act ultra-spiritual and enjoy your meal

Ok, so I’m being a bit cheeky here… but at the same time I’m being very serious. I don’t care if you are a teacher of many years, a long-time student of yoga, or a beginner… going at it without following the yoga recipe is a recipe for disaster. At the very least it’s a recipe for static decay.

Unfortunately, most of the yoga classes out there jump ahead to the fun bit.

But the yoga recipe is laid out very clearly… these 3 things will help you overcome the obstacles and achieve good results, these are the obstacles, the obstacles are all based on this one and have different levels of intensity, this is the first obstacle, etc.

Want to know what’s special about this recipe? You do? Good, because I’m going to share it with you now.

If you follow the recipe then the result is always a beautiful, amazing, joyous, and perhaps most importantly, ORIGINAL (meaning one-off, no other in the world the same) end product. And what is that product? You. Y. O. U. YOU!

So why in the heck are we all creating more Baked Flambé Of Yogi? That’s a bad yoga recipe.

Stop it!

Want better results from you yoga? For best results follow the yoga recipe.

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