The Trouble With Abundance

Is there trouble in an abundant world?

If you hang out with people who attend yoga classes and workshops… you’ve likely heard a lot of talk about abundance.

[note: I purposely refrained from using the word yogi to describe those people. It’s an overused word. Just because you attend yoga class does NOT make you a yogi or a yogini. Another rant for another time.]

… moving on…

Back to abundance. For today I want you to consider something slightly different because I’m quite sure that your issue with abundance is not what most people are telling you.

Let me give you an example…

Years ago I was attending the graduation party – a vegetarian pot-luck –  after two years and 2000 hours of yoga teacher training. My family was with me: my wife, my 15 month old son Oscar and, in fine flowered shirt, my father. Around us the other graduates and teachers of the school talked and laughed, congratulating each other and sharing plans for the future. It was a nice gathering. The dessert on offer was an amazing cake topped with fresh blueberries.

My son loves blueberries. Even then, at 15 months, he would eat blueberries until he couldn’t eat another.

That’s a good thing. Blueberries are chock full of nutrients.

However… and this is where the story relates to the trouble with abundance… too much of a good thing can lead to disastrous results.

trouble with abundance

Is there trouble with abundance?

Oscar kept going back for bowl after bowl of blueberries. Finally my wife Eleanor, being the forward thinking and practical person she is, stopped Oscar from taking any more.

One of the teachers of the course noticed this and gave Oscar some more blueberries.

The teacher then said, ” Oscar should have as many blueberries as he wants… he should be allowed to embrace abundance and NOT be taught any sense of lack.”

My wife’s priceless response to this teacher was, “You don’t have to follow him around and change his nappy tomorrow!”

Have you ever changed the dirty diaper/nappy of a 15 month old the day after said 15 month old ate bowl after bowl of blueberries?

Sorry to bring up such a disgusting picture but I really want you to get this.

Too much of a good thing is not always good. Which takes us back to abundance.

The Trouble With Abundance

How could there be trouble with abundance? You have more opportunity in today’s world than ever before…

[Before I go any further with this… yes, I know there are still people suffering in the world. I acknowledge there is still injustice, inequality, racism, oppression, radical fundamentalism, sexism, slavery, poverty, etc, etc. If you want to focus on all of that… I probably can’t help you. It’s likely nobody can. Sorry. Human nature has not changed much in the last several thousand years… and it will take another several thousand AT LEAST to take care of all of those things. Yoga can help, but you have to change YOU before you can even attempt to change others… and then they must agree. Just telling it like it is…]

But I digress…

Shall we get back to abundance? Yes?


You have more opportunity today than ever before. If you are reading this you have abundance. It is all around you. There are jobs, educational opportunities, food overflowing from grocery store shelves, libraries, inexpensive travel, air to breathe, water to bathe, soap…

Are you getting the picture?

So what’s the trouble with abundance? Just that. We have too much. Too many choices. Too many paths to follow. Too many foods from which to choose. Too many career paths…

It’s not surprising that many people are unhappy, have no life purpose, no sense of priority, and terrible productivity. We have so many options combined with so much input from parents, teachers, television, social media, books, magazines and whatever else you encounter on a daily basis… that most of us simply don’t know what to do.

Please understand that I’m not anti-abundance. I even run a mastermind group called The Abundance Mastermind. I love abundance.

I believe you should embrace abundance and seek it in all areas of your life.

But you should develop some sense of discernment… so you can learn what to reject. Otherwise you will drown in a veritable sea of abundance.

Reject More To Embrace Abundance

There is a great book  I read recently called The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. I suggest you read it.

The funny thing about this book and so many other popular personal development books… is that most of the ideas can be found in very old texts passed from generation to generation and then quoted, fought over, and thumped in overly pompous tirades.

In other words… there’s not a whole lot that’s new. Read it anyway. Consider it a part of the abundant world… today you can read a book in modern language with modern examples that teaches you ancient truths in a simple and effective manner. In this case the truth is that when you focus on one thing and do that one thing with enough effort for a long-enough period of time… then a domino effect is created and momentum is gained. Extraordinary results follow.

I can personally vouch for this ‘truth.’

As a long-time professional musician and practitioner of yoga… I can tell you that I achieved excellence in those two fields by having a daily ‘one thing.’ But it required rejecting everything else on the entire planet. Through using discernment and  rejection, albeit temporary, abundance flowed.

So if you truly wish to experience abundance I suggest you understand that it is everywhere… to the point of overwhelm.. and then clear it all out of the way.  Go for ONLY the abundance you want, desire and can use to fulfill your purpose.




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